This may be my last blog post

Hello world!

Welcome to my brand new website! I’ve wanted to have my own online space for years, but recently a few events have coincided to create the conditions necessary for it to finally happen! Some of those things include: 1) My husband, Mark, has started his own web development business and is working on building his portfolio. He also has a passion for coding and is looking for outlets, if you have an idea. You can find out more about him at 2) I have quit Facebook, something I’ve been considering for a while, but finally decided to take the plunge after reading some books by Jaron Lanier. Quitting Facebook means that I no longer have much of a web presence and can no longer rely on them to promote myself and my concerts. This is one place for me to send potential friends and colleagues to learn more about me in their own time. I hope it will also be an efficient place to share my projects and the projects of my amazing friends and colleagues. 3) By some quirks in Symphoria’s programming, lately I’ve had a weird amount of time off to reflect on how I want to grow, now that I’m living in Syracuse full-time. I’ve had a ideas percolating on the back burner for years and now that I’m done with my doctorate, tenured in the orchestra, and have some stability in my home life, it’s high time I realized some of those ideas!

Building this website has been an experience for me. In choosing my content and how I want to present it, I’ve had occasion to compare myself to people I admire which is valuable, but never easy. There has been a lot of introspection about what I want to present to visitors, some of whom are potential colleagues and some of whom are friends and family. I’ve decided to address both in one place, since that fits my personality. Frankness, friendliness, and candor are part of musical collaboration, so I’m presenting my whole self. Take me as I am, or leave me if you must.

As for this blog, I hope to write about things that interest me and I make no promises about the frequency of these postings. I might write about a book that I’ve read or a piece of music I’m interested in. I might post a listicle of articles, because there’s a lot of great stuff out there I want my friends to know about. I might post a listicle of listicles, because a good listicle is a joy to behold, and I don’t want you to go through the trauma of reading a bad listicle. I might post about an upcoming performance, performance related issues, projects that I’m working on, bassoon stuff, or pictures of my garden. And my cat. It’s my blog. And let’s be real; life can be busy and projects can fall by the wayside. THIS MAY BE THE LAST POST! You never know, so check back!